6 Mbps
- 15 Mbps (1am to 8pm)
- Public IP ৳300/month
- ৳500 installation charge


10 Mbps
- 20 Mbps (1am to 8pm)
- Public IP ৳200/month
- ৳500 installation charge


12 Mbps
- 25 Mbps (1am to 8pm)
- Public IP ৳200/month
- ৳500 installation charge


15 Mbps
- 30 Mbps (1am to 8pm)
- Public IP FREE
- ৳500 installation charge

Locations: (Dhaka)

Elephant Road, Lalmatia, Dhanmondi, Poribagh, Uttara (7-10-11-12-13), Monipuripara, Mirpur 10, Kalabaghan, Green RD.

Locations: (Outside Dhaka)

Coming Soon...

Fast Internet with Low Latency

Internet with AalokIT is fast. With multiple redundant upstream and direct peering with GGC and Akamai, We give clients the option and choice to reroute their traffic through the shortest path available for specific site and services. Whether you want ITC or seamewe-4 Bandwidth - you are guranteed to have the best possible service.

  • AalokIT < 100ms
  • Market Avg. 243ms
  • Avg Latency in millisecons on popular sites.

Average Latency

Not everyone has access to a speedy Internet connection. We've made sure that AalokIT's Network is as optimized as possible, so our users won't turn away because a page is taking too long to load.

Smart Network

With mutiple levels of automatic failover, instant notifications and custom smart network monitoring solutions; in most cases we know when there is a problem before the users report to us.

Proactive Monitoring

We proactively monitor your latency and packet loss and work with our upstream and NTTN partners to work on solutions, when we see numbers outside our acceptable standard.

99.9% Uptime Gurantee

With Double Redundant Power Supply, 4 upstreams with unique ITC physical connectivity route, multiple backup links with our upstream and 24/7 availability of our network engineer and support stuff - We are proud of our uptime record and confident in our ability to keep it that way.

Locations & Contacts

Feel free to get in touch with our sales team at sales@aalokit.net or call +8801847160170 for Corporate Connectivity or Local ISP connectivity. For home connection get in touch with our local Branch or POP managers:

Location Contact Us
Lalmatia, Dhanmondi 01847160161
Poribagh, Elephant RD 01847160165
Mirpur 10 01847160161
Monipuripara 01847160168
Uttara (Sector: 11-12-13) 01847160178/7
Kolabaghan 01847160161/8
Green Road 01847160161/8

Value Added Services

We have some of the best and unique value added services in the country. Our file server has 6gbps usage during peak time, with user enjoying our unique and extensive collection of files, streaming movies & music, online radio and comic book collection. Our Network is also BDIX connected.