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Saturday, May 19 2018

Upstream maintenance

Dear Concern,

As per update from BSCCL, Maintenance work at SMW-4 will be took place as follows:

"As advised & approved by O&MSC Chairman of SEA-ME-WE-4 Network, The Repeater R710 replacement in Segment-1A (Sub segment 1.7) between Chennai–Tuas (Express between Chennai–Tuas & Omnibus between Cox-Chennai) has been scheduled as mentioned below

REP replacement activity of (R710)

Segment:(Segment 1A)Sub-segment–S1.7

Repeater Planned for replacement: R710 with 2 LD’s failure 1St repeater from Chennai C/s

Expected Traffic Outage period: 18th May 2018 to 24th May 2018 as per POW

Traffic status during activity: All Traffic passing through Segment-1A (both Express and Omni) will be affected during power reconfiguration and power normalization. Traffic passing through Seg-1.7

(Passing through Chennai) will remain down during repeater replacement activity."

Thursday, March 15 2018

SMW4 Notification

Dear All,

Please be informed that as a part of UG5, post successful demonstration of ATEQ adjustment on Seg-1 Express path through ASN lab tool, MW is planned to demonstrate A-TEQ adjustment & optimization through ASN SN10.3 in each DLS of Seg-1. Maintenance window approved by TWG-Co Chair, mail attached for reference.

Activity will be performed in Cox-Chennai as per below schedule:

__Maintenance Window : 16:00 UTC/16th March 2018 to 4:00 UTC/17th March 2018.

Action plan to be implemented in MW : Step 1 - Disconnection of ASN SLTE from Line & Connection of Fujitsu to extract current A-TEQ position.__

Step 2 - Reconnection of ASN SLTE to the line and A-TEQ adjustment/optimization.

Traffic status during activity : Traffic will be down during Step -1.

During Step-2 traffic will be on High Risk (intermittent errors, flap or down can be observed).

More updates to follow.

Reference SMW4 TT : 26PAN160218