SMW4 Maintenance Update

Dear Customers,
As per update from BSCCL, SMW-4 about the extension of the repeater replacement R601 maintenance window, please find the detailed information below:

The repeater replacement activity has been started as per the Plan of Work (schedule) for the Repeater R601 in 1st phase of the maintenance of Sub-segment – S1.6 (Segment 1A), but due to unavoidable condition at under-water environment cable ship (AE) is now facing difficulties/challenges to pull-up the cable & repeater on board for changing /replace the faulty repeater. Cable ship is continuously trying their best to complete the activity at earliest possible time.

As per update from cable ship (AE) BSCCL is expecting it will take 5 to 7 more days to complete the activity. Once work is completed for the Repeater R601 in 1st phase you will receive confirmation. BSCCL will update again for the 2nd repeater replacement activity and associated downtime. During this maintenance period you may faced high latency and packet loss.