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Monday, October 29 2018


Dear Customer,

We do not have any TV Server or Smart TV. Trying to provide this service as a value-added service for your convenience, AITL is not cable TV operator, just an ISP.

Tuesday, July 3 2018


10 mbps @ 3000/-with real ip

15 mbps @ 4500/-with real ip

20 mbps @ 6000/-with real ip

25 mbps @ 7500/-with real ip

30 mbps @ 9000/-with real ip

  • upstream redundancy
  • pop redundancy

N.B: Offer valid until August 30th 2018.

Tuesday, April 10 2018

New Innovation

For the convenience of customers, we are going to take a new step:

Different Man, different needs, one needs high speed internet, somebody YouTube, and someone else Bdix.

Considering all this, we plan to do a combined package, which will be available - 10 mbps Internet / Youtube/ BDIX / FTP, you can use it according to your needs. There will be no separation in this package. Everything through a vlan / pipeline you will get. In this case, you need to have a well-thought-out opinion.

Thanking you, Online Sales Team Aalok IT Limited

Monday, March 12 2018


New packages will be announced soon.

They will comply with net neutrality and meet the standard packaging around the globe