Sunday, August 16 2020

Dhaka South City Corporation overhead fiber removal drive

Dear Customers,

Dhaka City Corporation has taken an initiative to remove and cut overhead fiber cables. We are trying to restore connections for all affected customers. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience.

Saturday, April 18 2020

bKash Bill Payment

Dear Customers,

Because of the ongoing pandemic we request you to pay the monthly bill through bKash.

The numbers are:

01742014359 (Personal Bkash)

01611113595 (Personal Bkash)

Reference number:

Use the PPPoE username assigned to you

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Sunday, March 15 2020

Upstream Provider Down

Dear Customers,

One of our upstream provider's own upstream is down. We are arranging backup bandwidth from a different provider. There will be congestion during the meantime. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience.

Friday, February 28 2020

Emergency Maintenance Activity

Dear Dhanmondi and Lalmatia Customers,

We apologize to announce that there will be an emergency maintenance activity.

Scheduled Date: Saturday 29th February 2020

Maintenance Window: 1:00AM to 2:00AM

Benefit of Change: To avoid unplanned power outages in the near future

Impact: Services will be offline for the duration

Thursday, January 30 2020

Upstream Provider Upgradation Activity

Dear Customers,

There will be an upgradation activity on one of our upstream providers.

Activity: Connectivity with Department of Telecommunications (Cyber Threat Detection and Response Project)

Work Date: 2nd February 2020

Duration: 12:00 pm to 01:00 pm

Downtime: 30 minutes

There will be some congestion during that period. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Wednesday, November 20 2019

DESCO Activity at Lalmatia

Dear Customers of Lalmatia and Dhanmondi,

DESCO will perform power upgradation work in Lalmatia. Our POP will only have power backup for 3 hours and our services will be down the remainder of the time.

DESCO Activity:

Start: 9:00AM 21st November

End: 5:00PM 21st November

Impact Window: 12:00PM TO 5:00PM

Service Impact: Services will be offline

We humbly apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask for your patience.

Wednesday, October 30 2019

BDIX Maintenance Activity

Dear Customers,

BDIX will do maintenance work and their services will be unavailable during the following period:

Start Time: 2:00AM 31st October 2019

End Time: 6:00AM 31st October 2019

Monday, October 28 2019

Underground Fiber Cut

Dear Customers of Uttara,

All three of our links (primary, backup & secondary backup) to Uttara are currently down, due to underground fiber cut. We are communicating with NTTN providers to restore the link as quickly as possible. We humbly apologize and ask for your patience.

Tuesday, October 1 2019

Upstream Issue

Dear All, One of primary upstream provider has multiple circuits down from 7pm. They are working with their upstream to fix the links. They have requested 5 hours recovery time. So nominal services should resume from 12am.

Saturday, September 14 2019

Emergency Maintenance Activity

We apologize to announce that there will be emergency maintenance activity done by BSCCL.

Scheduled Date: Saturday 14th September 2019

Maintenance Window : 10:00 PM on 14-Sep-19 to 5:00 AM on 15-Sep-19

Activity: Diversion of fiber away from railway company road work activities vicinity

Benefit of Change: To avoid unplanned outage in near future

Impact: Service Affecting

Duration of Impact: Circuit will go down during the maintenance window

During this maintenance period you may face bandwidth congestion, high latency and packet loss.

Wednesday, August 28 2019

Network Update

Dear Valuable Clients,

Due to construction work of the metro rail, our fibre in those areas are being cut to help with their work. We are having to re-route the fibre in those areas when they are being cut and even then those are being cut later on for the same purpose.

This work is causing massive inconvenience to you all and we are seeking your patience and pardon for it.


Aalok IT Team

Sunday, August 11 2019

May Allah's blessings be with you today, tomorrow and always. Eid Mubarak!


Thursday, July 11 2019

BSCCL Maintenance

As per update from our upstream provider, an emergency maintenance work will take place at the following time:

Start Time : 02:00:00 12.07.2019 End Time : 07:00:00 12.07.2019 Maintenance Window : 5 hours Outage Duration : 4 Hours

During this maintenance period you may face high latency and packet loss.

Wednesday, July 3 2019

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp outage

Dear Customers, There are ongoing problems with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp globally. There will be intermittent outages and service degradation until the problems fully resolved.

Please check status here:

Emergency BSCCL Maintenance July 2019

As per update from BSCCL, a maintenance activity at SMW5 regarding Upgrade Activity.

Details are as follows:

  • LU#2 - MLA3, MBMD2, UCS and OMC2 replacement at KKT
  • Start Time: 01/07/2019 2.00 PM (GMT+6)
  • End Time: 02/07/2019 2.00 AM (GMT+6)
  • Maintenance Window: 12 Hours
  • Backup Time Window: 02/07/2019 02.00 PM (GMT+6) to 03/07/2019 2.00 AM (GMT+6)
  • Service Impact: NO (Only at High Risk)

Details: Circuits may encounter multiple interruptions within the scheduled time window.

Impacted Circuit: All Circuits through SMW5

N.B.: Your traffic will be at high risk during this maintenance time window.

We are trying to minimize the effect on you, our valuable clients.

Wednesday, June 12 2019


Dear clients,

We are facing heavy congestion and high latency because one of our upstream is down. We are communicating with them and have not received an etr yet. Please be patient and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Thank you.

Multiple Upstream Circuits Down

Majority of our upstream provider's Internet circuits are down. During this period all Internet traffic will be slow. Please be patient while we arrange additional bandwidth.

Tuesday, May 7 2019

SMW4 Maintenance Update [COMPLETED]

As per update from BSCCL, R603 replacement activity has been rescheduled below as part of Segment-1 (Sub segment 1.6) at SMW4:

Segment : Sub-segment – S1.6 (Segment 1A)
Planned for Repeater replacement : R603, 03rd repeater from Cox Bazar Station
Expected traffic outage period : May 07, 2019 to May 12, 2019

During the maintenance, all traffic passing through Cox’s Bazar Landing Station will remain down throughout the operation. Please note that, prior to the replacement, Power shutdown will take place and power will be normalized upon completion of the replacements. All circuits passing through Cox’s Bazar Landing Station will be down during the whole operation. Power shutdown and normalization schedule will be shared once available. During this maintenance period you may face high latency and packet loss. We will reroute to mitigate this impact.

Monday, May 6 2019

Multiple SMW5 Circuits Down [FIXED]

Dear Customers, Please be informed that, we are observing our multiple SMW5 circuits are down, so you may face bandwidth congestion, high latency and packet loss during this time. We are in communication with our upstream service provider. After getting any update from them you will be notified accordingly.

Thursday, April 25 2019

SMW4 Maintenance Update

Dear Customers,
As per update from BSCCL, SMW-4 about the extension of the repeater replacement R601 maintenance window, please find the detailed information below:

The repeater replacement activity has been started as per the Plan of Work (schedule) for the Repeater R601 in 1st phase of the maintenance of Sub-segment – S1.6 (Segment 1A), but due to unavoidable condition at under-water environment cable ship (AE) is now facing difficulties/challenges to pull-up the cable & repeater on board for changing /replace the faulty repeater. Cable ship is continuously trying their best to complete the activity at earliest possible time.

As per update from cable ship (AE) BSCCL is expecting it will take 5 to 7 more days to complete the activity. Once work is completed for the Repeater R601 in 1st phase you will receive confirmation. BSCCL will update again for the 2nd repeater replacement activity and associated downtime. During this maintenance period you may faced high latency and packet loss.

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